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I want to welcome you to ElectroPuck. This is a website that focuses on hockey and electronics content. It is much like my prior websites but only it feels more appropriately named. Because most of the last sites focused mainly on hockey as well but was marketed as a sports site. As far as electronics I am hoping to be able to land some product reviews and offer information on new products coming out moving forward.

As far as hockey coverage goes, there will be an ElectroPuck Puck Preview every day except for days that have no games or one game. Those days might just consist of a single tweet. Honestly, I have not decided yet.

I can’t do the website alone, so I am seeking help. I am offering internships to those who want to write, this can be something that helps everyone. It will help me obviously because it will make it easier to add more content. And it will help the student earn a resume filler.

So without being too long, I want to welcome you to the website and I look forward to sharing content with you moving forward.

You can follow me on my personal Twitter feed @KGesterling1. Or the new Twitter feed for the page @ElectroPuck1. Either will get you this content.

Thank You for Your support in this next chapter of my writing career,



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