Puck Previews

The idea behind the Puck Previews is to give my take what the best game of the day will be. The games on this listing may only be available locally.

These are intended to be informational to the reader. This is also a way to be engaging with the reader. It is a quick snippet to what is ahead for the night in the NHL.

I aim to keep it about the best games. However, it isn’t always the best match up record wise. That is a decision I am comfortable with because I aim to provide the best game possible. And I give my reasoning behind it.

The readers can use this information to discuss hockey. Or use it as a guide if they have NHL GameCenter Live or NHL Center Ice. The uses for this information is limitless. I do however ask that you do not use my work for your own purposes. At least not without first asking for permission to do so.

To see the Puck Previews to date, click here

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