NHL Network Game Schedule

Fri, Mar 8 New Jersey Devils Washington Capitals 7:00 PM
Sat, Mar 9 St. Louis Blues San Jose Sharks 4:00 PM
Toronto Maple Leafs Edmonton Oilers 7:00 PM
Fri, Mar 15 Vegas Golden Knights Dallas Stars 8:00 PM
Sat, Mar 16 St. Louis Blues Pittsburgh Penguins 1:00 PM Or New York Islanders at Detroit Red Wings
Washington Capitals Tampa Bay Lightning 7:00 PM Or Chicago Blackhawks at Montreal Canadiens
Sun, Mar 17 St. Louis Blues Buffalo Sabres 5:00 PM
Mon, Mar 18 Vancouver Canucks Chicago Blackhawks 8:30 PM
Fri, Mar 22 Minnesota Wild Washington Capitals 7:00 PM
San Jose Sharks Anaheim Ducks 10:00 PM
Sat, Mar 23 New York Islanders Philadelphia Flyers 1:00 PM
New York Rangers Toronto Maple Leafs 7:00 PM Or Minnesota Wild at Carolina Hurricanes
Thur, Mar 28 Montreal Canadiens Columbus Blue Jackets 7:00 PM
Fri, Mar 29 Nashville Predators Pittsburgh Penguins 7:00 PM
Sat, Mar 30 Florida Panthers Boston Bruins 1:00 PM
Washington Capitals Tampa Bay Lightning 7:00 PM Or Montreal Canadiens at Winnipeg Jets
Sun, Mar 31 Carolina Hurricanes Pittsburgh Penguins 5:00 PM Or Minnesota Wild at Arizona Coyotes

This list was added on 03/06/19 and will be updated monthly. If for some reason I forget to update the list; please either email admin@electropuck.com or tweet me @KGesterling1 and I’ll fix it.

The last column is for alternate games if the game is blacked out in your local market.