Open Letter to the Readers

Current Situation

There was at one point, a time where there was a lot going on in my life. And I had not had the time to make updates as I used to on here. But now that has changed and I will be updating the website regularly moving forward. You may have noticed a new theme, this is going to last as long as it takes to make a new theme from scratch. Which may take weeks or months, if it is months I may wait until next hockey season to deploy it.

Moving forward, the type and depth of the updates made on posts and the theme will depend on the time available. As I am looking to get a job that falls within my expertise. I have an associate’s degree in Financial Services from a local community college, so I am looking for a job within a banking or financial institution.

So as I search I will be rolling out daily puck previews and other periodic articles. And once I get a job, I will do my best to update as often as possible within the parameters of having my own site, having a job, and contributing to other hockey websites that I write for.

My goal has always been, and always will be to offer quality material. And even though I post pictures in the puck preview articles, those still take time to write and edit. A lot of time in fact.

I thank you for reading my blogs up to this point, and I look forward to serving you in the foreseeable future. Writing always has been a passion of mine, that will never change.

I will probably always take on projects, despite the fact that it doesn’t make me any money to this point. In fact, I lose money from running this website. In fact, I am losing money as I type this post. Every second I put into this is lost time that I am not putting into something else that could be making me money. But money isn’t an issue with me. To pursue my passion it is worth it.

Looking Ahead

I have ideas on a new website that I may do once this website expires. But it seems like a waste to discuss the ideas at this moment since that isn’t until September. But I do have ideas and I do want to capitalize on them when the time is right.

This website was thrown together pretty fast and there was no real planning involved. It was rushed and I think in a way that shows.

But when I do a new website it will be with the user in mind, not so much the content. The user experience is important to me. And while the website as it constructed is functional, it needs work. I think we can all see that. And the best way to fix this is by creating my own theme. And that is something that I want to take the next 8 months working on in my free time.

This will be in addition to my writing assignments and possible new job opportunity. It will be a lot of work, but it will be so rewarding in the end.

ElectroPuck will probably not exist come September, the name is limiting the scope of the work that I can do. Because it insinuates just hockey and electronics. And that is eliminating venturing into other sports such as football or Baseball which are two sports that I like. But I wouldn’t call myself an expert on either of those. But it would be nice to talk about either sport as I see fit. Which would be rare, but with the summer being slow hockey months, it would work out nicely to add a little baseball into the scope.

So I will leave this post with this. I do plan on changes to the website. What exactly?  I don’t know. At this point, I still need to brainstorm. But I will think of ideas of things that I can add to make the website function as I envisioned this one functioning. This website is not what I had in mind. I had a theme and idea in mind. But as a beginner web developer, I realized that I did not know enough to fully execute on my ideas.

But now that I have made the decision to start over once the hosting ends for this website, I can go to the drawing board and come up with ideas on how to run the next website.

Ultimately my plan is to figure out the following:

  • Name
  • Returning Features/Content
  • Ideas for New Features/Content
  • New Theme
  • New Theme Features
  • Organization of Content

As you may have guessed while reading this. I am indeed using a free theme which I have edited to make it work for the look I had in mind. Unfortunately, this is not the layout I had in mind for the front page and I thought that I could work with it. Unfortunately, this is a premium theme so some of the files within it are inaccessible from the free theme making editing annoyances out almost impossible.

I did work on part of my own theme, so I may go back to that and revise it to fit what I need. Or I might just start from scratch. Time will tell, I suppose.

That is all for now. I will provide updates to my thinking as we go along. Probably will probably be closer to after the NHL playoffs and we’re in the middle of the offseason. So post-draft timeframe is most likely.

In the more immediate timeframe. The Puck Previews will return this coming Monday, March 4th. And I have other smaller article ideas I am going to put out there over time.

And if you follow my Twitter Handle you will see my latest work, and coming soon an announcement on my newest writing gig.

It is an exciting time with the playoffs around the corner. So I will most likely be very busy writing and possibly working. It will be fun and rewarding all in one.

I appreciate you checking out the website and I look forward to what is to, come.

With the new look of the website, you will notice that the recent posts are no longer on the front page. You will see a new navigation bar item called “Recent Entries”, that is where you can find the new posts that are on the website. You can also click the links in the navbar to be taken to the recent posts under a certain category. Whichever works best for you.

Recent Entries

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